Doctors Say Jack Fincham Is OBESE As He Starts New Year's Regime

Doctors Say Jack Fincham Is OBESE As He Starts New Year's Regime

There may not be much body diversity in Love Island, but eventual winner Jack Fincham stood out for being the only lad on the show without a six-pack. Now, though, that could all be about to change. 

Amid all the rock hard abs and bulging biceps, it was pretty refreshing seeing a man with a more 'normal' body on Love Island - especially as he went on to win the show. However, Jack's most recent revelation has gotten his fans reeling. 

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Jack recently discovered that at 15 stone 12 and a height of 5'11, he has a BMI of 30.5 - which tips him into the obese category. Jack admitted that he was 'shocked' to find his BMI was 'bordering on obese'. 

And it looks like his Love Island success could be to blame for Jack's recent weight gain as he told The Sun: 'A lot of the weight gain is after I have moved out of my mum's house. I find it a lot easier to get a takeaway or eat out because you can get too busy to sit down and make a meal. It's the busy lifestyle that gets in the way.'

Now, Jack has taken on a tough new challenge in order to get fit quick - but not all of his fans are happy about it...

Check out the video above to find out what Jack's up to - and why it's caused controversy! 

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