Danny Dyer Opens Up About Watching Dani On Love Island And It's Emotional

Hard-man dad, Danny Dyer shows his sensitive side as he admits he 'sobbed every night' whilst watching Dani on Love Island.

Whilst actor Danny Dyer is known for his witty banter and hard-man roles, he most definitely has a soft side when it comes to his daughter and this year's winner of Love Island, Dani. Indeed, the man himself opened up about how he felt watching Dani on the show and even admits he didn't want her to go and missed her to pieces whilst she was away.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show, the actor got real with the father-daughter love. Soppy as it is, it seems Dani will always be his little girl. He made it clear that he was hesitant about his daughter entering the saucy dating show, but insisted if she does go, she ought to 'win it'. Well funnily enough, look what happened...

The East Enders star told Jonathan Ross, "I was bang in trouble...I said goodbye to her, they took her blower off her and I’m watching her on the telly like everyone else." And if that's not enough to get the tissues out, papa Dyer also touched upon how proud he was of Dani, not only stealing the hearts of her audience, but also winning the 2018 series alongside Jack Fincham: "She did it with grace and dignity. She did find a geezer, but she didn't do none of that [sex on the show]."

Despite the brief split between Jack and Dani, it seems her father is on their side and in full support of their relationship as he spoke briefly about the split, reassuring fans about the situation. And hey ho, he wasn't wrong, was he? And the 'Best Dad' award goes to...

Danny Dyer, Dani Dyer: The family could be getting their own reality show Danny Dyer, Dani Dyer: The family could be getting their own reality show