Danny Bibby claims Love Island producers edited footage to make him look ‘psycho’

Danny Bibby has spoken out against Love Island producers, saying they edited the show to make him fit into their own narrative.

Danny Bibby’s time on Love Island may have been short, but it definitely wasn’t that sweet. In the show we saw him cozying up to Lucinda Strafford, but viewers were unhappy with his possessive and controlling behaviour.

Fitting the narrative

Danny believes that he was set up to look like the villa’s villain from the very beginning and that the editing was done in a way to keep up with that narrative.

He shared his thoughts with followers on TikTok and said:

I can’t emphasise enough how the show is made to be a show for entertainment. If they showed me laughing and joking with Kaz Kamwi, it wouldn’t fit the storyline. So they’ve got to edit it.
I'm the nicest guy ever. But I get why people think I'm an absolute psycho because I was the only one who had a pair of balls and said something when someone did something wrong.
If they showed you what everyone got up to you wouldn’t be interested, it’s just everyone having fun.

Viewers of the show were not a fan of Danny even before he entered the villa, as he was called out for a racist comment that he made. Unfortunately his time on the show didn’t turn their heads either. Even Lucinda chose to couple up with Aaron Francis over Danny.

Rekindling the romance

However, now that the pair are out of Majorca, rumour has it that they’re giving their connection another shot. Danny recently posted a story where he was sitting in close proximity to Lucinda. He wrote ‘got my lambo back’—a car he compared Lucinda to in the villa—hinting that the two may be rekindling their romance.

Love Island’s Danny Bibby says he’s an ‘alpha’ who’ll ‘say it how it is’ Love Island’s Danny Bibby says he’s an ‘alpha’ who’ll ‘say it how it is’