Dani Dyer Speaks Out Once And For All About That 'Split'

After a week of some serious ups and downs for Jack and Dani's fans, the Love Island queen has finally spoken out and made a clear statement about what's REALLY going on.

If you're a Jack and Dani fan, you're probably feeling pretty emotionally exhausted by now. This time last week, all seemed fine between the Love Island couple - then suddenly Dani hit us with the bombshell that she and Jack had decided they weren't 'meant to be long term'.

After a weekend of confusing Instagram posts and bombshell revelations, we finally got some clarity late on Monday afternoon when Danny Dyer (yep, that's Dyer Senior) revealed to Jonathan Ross that Dani and Jack had just had a fight and were actually 'sweet as'.

Despite this, fans continued to be confused as to why neither Jack nor Dani had made a statement themselves, despite clearly being back together as they were appearing in each other's Insta videos.

Now, Dani has finally decided to respond to the rumours and comments - and reveal exactly what happened once and for all.

Check out the video above to hear exactly what Dani had to say...

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