Could This Detail Prove That Dani Misses Single Life?

Could This Detail Prove That Dani Misses Single Life?

Dani hints at yearning for a little freedom...

Since having left the villa back in August earlier this year, it seems that lovebirds Jack and Dani had a real rollercoaster, having to juggle between their newfound careers as well as their relationship - whilst all eyes are on them.

Indeed, the pair have had a rough ride, eventually leading to a brief split before reuniting once again ahead of the long-awaited Love Island Christmas Special. And it seems fans had no mercy for the couple, after criticising the pair for fakery and a drive for publicity - especially when it came to appearing on-screen again. 

Since these claims, the couple hit back to prove that their love couldn't be more real, along with the support of Dani's hardman dad, Danny Dyer. Now, it almost seems that the winners of this year's series never even split up. 

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However, Dani had given us a little hint about being fond of her single life in this particular snap - could it be that the star really does miss her freedom? Check out the video for further details... 


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