Charlie Brake Has A New Girlfriend Already And She Looks Pretty Familiar...

It seems like Charlie definitely has a type... After breaking up with Ellie last week, Charlie Brake has already moved on to another girl - and she looks a lot like his ex.

Charlie's new girlfriend is Kimberley Owen, the daughter of New Zealand billionaire Steve Owen. She is based in London but spends a lot of time in Maui and on her family's yacht in the Mediterranean.

Charlie jetted off to Monaco almost immediately after announcing his split with Ellie and it's there that he's been spending time with Kimberley. They've been spotted together at Buddha Bar and Kimberley shared a video of them having dinner and laughing together - though it's now been deleted.

A source close to Charlie confirmed: 'He is romantically involved with Kimberley. It's obviously early days because he has only recently separated from Ellie. He is spending time with Kimberley in Monaco and enjoying her company. He got together with Kimberley after he split from Ellie.'

Whether it's true or not that they only started seeing each other after his split with Ellie, we still think it's pretty awful to be rubbing it in Ellie's face by going Instagram official so soon!

Check out the video to see if you see the resemblance between Ellie and Kimberley...

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