Brace Yourselves: This Is Exactly How Long We’ve Wasted Watching Love Island This Year

Love Island has finally reached its end and Amber and Greg were crowned winners of this year’s series, but something more shocking than the result is the amount of time we’ve wasted tuning into the show! Check out the video to find out more!

Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, has been the priority of many for the past two months. It has forced us all to rearrange our evening activities as we devoted our lives to following out favourite stars.

We don’t mind admitting our obsession with the show, it’s only one hour of our day…but it’s when we start adding all these ours together that we realise the shameful amount of time we’ve all spent glued to our screens this summer…as if it’s the only series we’ve watched.

For all those interested in the specifics; there have been 49 main show episodes which included 25 x 60 minute episodes, 17 x 65mins, 1 x 75mins, 4 x 80mins, 1 x 90mins and of course the whopping 95min grand finale.

This adds up to an astonishing 53.08 hours of our summer spent watching other people enjoying their own summer. This also hasn’t counted hours spent watching Aftersun or Unseen Bits, so it only gets worse really.

We’d say that this is it, this is the turning point for us all, but who are we kidding? With a brand new Love Island winter edition set to kick off again in January, we’ll just have to see what it’s all about!

Check out the video to find out more!

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