After Last Night's Love Island Fans Have Discovered This Strange Quality In Joe

Just three days after the kick-off of Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, one islander rose to become the bookie’s favourite and managed to fall just as fast following his dramatic, stage-ready performance of a mental breakdown. Check out the video to discover the hilarious wall-paper discovered on his phone!

After such a brief period in the 2019 villa, it seems that one contestant may have already peaked and all we can do is offer our half-hearted sympathies and bring you the details.

Joe Garrett, the 22-year-old catering company owner, reached his greatest heights after just 24 hours in the villa. The bright-eyed Londoner appeared genuine and shockingly devoted to his initial love interest, Lucie Donlan, but who could have predicted what happened next.

When Tommy entered the villa even the guy’s heads had turned and you could almost smell the nervous sweat from the screen. But Joe’s apparent mental breakdown has sparked a slew of mixed responses most of which are far from words of reassurance.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the absurdity of situation. One tweeted, “Ew Joe is actually so creepy and possessive it’s becoming uncomfortable to watch.” Even the islanders couldn’t resist making a remark. Anton and Michael joked, “If this is him after a day imagine how he’s going to be after a week?!”

Worse still, since the incident, people are drawing hilarious comparisons between Love Island's Joe and the psychotic Joe from Netflix’s YOU. One user wrote, “Joe returning for the sequel of YOU?? Love a Netflix original #Loveisland”.

Check out the video to find out why fans now believe he is ‘vain’ as well. The reason is priceless!

All Love Island fans have the same thing to say Luca after his night in the hideaway All Love Island fans have the same thing to say Luca after his night in the hideaway