Aaron and Sharon kiss on the terrace in tonight’s episode

In yet another twist, it looks like romance could be on the cards for Aaron and Sharon as they lock lips during a quiet chat.

We’re not even a full week in and already Aaron Francis has had a rollercoaster ride in the villa. He was initially coupled up with Shannon Singh before bombshell Chloe Burrows chose to couple up with him, leading to Shannon being dumped from the villa. But it now seems he’s got his eyes on another Islander...

Aaron and Sharon kiss

The First Look preview for tonight’s Love Island sees Aaron going for an intimate rooftop chat with Sharon Gaffka, away from the rest of the Islanders. After Aaron confides in Sharon that there’s no romantic connection between himself and Chloe, she admits that she wishes she’d stepped forward for him at the first coupling.

She says:

Do you know what? I would have stepped forward. I don't know why I didn't. I was saying to the girls 'I've kissed him more times than I've spoken to him.

Aaron and Sharon had previously kissed twice during Tuesday’s Horny Devils challenge—and it looks like tonight they’re taking things up a notch with their first kiss outside of a challenge.

Aaron and Sharon to couple up?

The pair are later seen speaking separately in the Beach Hut, with Aaron saying:

I'm definitely getting good vibes from Sharon.

Meanwhile, Sharon says:

There is a lot of chemistry between us, and a lot of flirty banter. It's really good.

There’s clearly been some chemistry bubbling away between Sharon and Aaron as dumped Islander Shannon picked them out as one of the couples she could see going the distance in her post-show interview—despite the fact they weren’t even coupled up. Shannon said:

I think Aaron and Sharon could have a little spark.
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