A New Show From The Creators Of Love Island Is Coming – And You Can Apply Now!

Between the series 5 of Love Island and now this, we’re going to have a hard time getting anything done.

It seems that despite recent controversies involving the aftercare of Love Island contestants in light of the death of series 3 regular Mike Thalassitis, ITV is doubling down and introducing another show on their line-up by the creators of Love Island.

Not much information has been revealed, however some sources have leaked the premise of the upcoming series… and we’re already imagining just how awkward this is set to get.

The idea of telling your mate that you’ve secretly fancied for ages is what nightmares are made of, so imagine how much worse it would be if you have an entire camera crew around to film the ordeal? Not only that, but you’ll then have them following you and your crush around for your first date.

Sounds like a great time, right?

ITV is currently looking for people willing to subject themselves to this undoubtedly uncomfortable experience. Got a special someone who you’re looking to take the next step with? This could be your chance!

Check the video above and see if you fit the bill to be a contestant!

Love Island: You can now apply for Love Island 2022 Love Island: You can now apply for Love Island 2022