A Couple Has Already Joined 'The  Do Bits Society' Before Shocking Re-Coupling

A Couple Has Already Joined 'The Do Bits Society' Before Shocking Re-Coupling

Love Island has only just started and yet a couple has already sparked controversy! Fans reckon that Leanne and Mike have already been intimate on their first night in the villa!

Leanne and Micheal coupled up on the first episode when the police officer walked into the villa. The bombshell Leanne was the only one to step forward, Mike picked her with no hesitation. Already fans are betting that this couple could be a strong one this season.

The attraction between the singletons was pretty obvious from the beginning, even after the twins entered the villa and shook things up while the copper couldn't contain his excitement. That same night, all the contestants spent their first night in their room and it seems like Leanne and Micheal already took things the next level.

As soon as the lights turned off, fans noticed Mike and Leanne disappeared under the covers, and viewers were left speechless when they noticed plenty of movement between the sheets.

The next morning Leanne confessed they had a 'little spoon'. It's only a few hours later that, recently branded 'snake' Mike (sounds familiar?) was pulled aside by the twins for a chat. He made it clear he was open to getting to know them and would "embrace" being chosen... Afterwards, he went back to Leanne and told her that his eyes set on her... Shady!

The twins were into the same guy, but in the end, Jess got her way and picked Micheal... Poor Leanne... She was UPSET! Eve had to come up with a second option, and picked Callum, leaving both Leanne and Shaughna single again.

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Check out the video to see the tension in this second episode.

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