12 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Love Island Fans

• Emma Jensen
Loyal Babe t-shirt (other designs available), £10.80
Quote keychain (other varieties available on the website), £9
Quote coasters (set of 4), £15.95
Personalised glitter wine glass, £6.50
Sweet gift box (can be customised), £6

It's that time of year we're supposed to feel jolly and festive as temperatures get lower and spirits get higher...and we get more and more stressed because we don't know what to get our loved ones for Christmas. Do we have any Love Island fans? Then read on...

Since the beloved show came to its annual finale back in August, we continued to have Love Island withdrawals even now. So why not bring back the theme for a little longer and check out some Love Island inspired gifts? 

Granted, perhaps your uncle may not be a huge fan himself but at least we can make sure presents for the sis are covered. And we found some super fun items you can feast your eyes (and hopefully hands) on. 

So - need some ideas? We've looked for the perfect gift for every islander, so you don't have to. Check out our gallery of themed stocking fillers, all of which you can grab on Etsy! Show them how loyal you are, babe. 

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