These Are Top 10 Everyday Items That Surprisingly Have An Expiration Date

You probably didn't know that some of your everyday products have an expiration date. View the gallery to see 10 products that have expiration dates. If you've had these for for a while then it might be wise to replace them soon! 

Household Items With Expiration Dates

1. Toothbrush: You should replace your toothbrush every 3 months because the bristles start to wear down and the bacteria starts to add up. 

2. Sponge: You should replace your sponge every two weeks. The sponge can get extremely filthy and smelly especially with the buildup of germs. 

3. Perfume: Fragance is usually good for about 1-3 years but perfumes will last for about 4 years. 

4. Bath towel: A bath towel should be replaced in 1-3 years depending on the normal wear and tear. 

5. Hair brush: Hair brushes can be used for up to a year and should be cleaned every week.

6. Extension cords: These should be replaced every 1-2 years. 

7. Cleaning chemicals: These products typically last for only 3 months then they start to lose potency. 

8. Bras: Bras usually last for about 2 years depending on the quality of the fabric. After that, the bra starts to lack the necessary support! 

9. Car seat: These usually last for about 6-10 years but it's always better to check the condition everytime you use it in case a buckle is broken. 

10. Pillow: On average, the pillow should be replaced within 2-3 years of usage however it will depend on the quality. If you start to have minor neck problems then replace your pillow. 

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