Why This Woman Dresses Exactly Like Kate Middleton

  • Kate
  • The iconic engagement dress that Mallory bought for just £18. It was originally £758.
  • Her royal-themed wedding was a sensation. She wore a tiara and her husband wore Union Jack cufflinks. How royally romantic!
  • Mallory is popular on Instagram and gives style advice for those who also love Kate Middleton!
  • Kate wore this polo during the 2012 Olympics and Mallory ended up buying one online too.

Mallory Bowling is a 29 year old woman from Washington who is royally obsessed with Kate Middleton. She's copied her style for five years and she's even extended this obsession on her wedding day when she wanted a "royal" themed wedding.

Her husband wore Union Jack cufflinks and Mallory wore a tiara just like Kate Middleton. Even her wedding dress was similiar to Kate's, it had a long train and was an A-line shape. Take a look at our gallery to see how shockingly similar her outfits are to Kate's outfits!  

Mallory's Royal Obsession

Mallory has been uploading pictures of her copycat outfits on Instagram and people are in complete awe. What's her lovely secret? She searches far and wide to find very similar items on either eBay, Amazon, a mobile marketplace app called Depop, or even secondhand shops. She found the blue Issa engagement dress for only £18 (originally £758)! Although the hobby to dress exactly like Kate may be fun, it does require a lot of time, research, and dedication. Kudos to Mallory for making this possible!

Plus, if you're obsessed with Meghan Markle's look then click here to try to copy her style!

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