This Is Khloe Kardashian's Top Tip For Organising

Keeping a tidy interior is not always easy. It is however a habit you should develop if you don't want to live in complete disorder. Khloe Kardashian, an organisation maniac, gives us her best tips.

To avoid spending your weekend tidying up your apartment, there are some basic rules. Simple tips that Khloe Kardashian has perfectly assimilated. Because yes, if you did not know, Kim Kardashian's little sister is a real neat freak. This is especially good news and a necessity for those who, like her sisters, are addicted to shopping. To maintain a perfectly tidy interior, Khloe has developed well thought-out techniques. Here are some tips to adopt that she reveals to us in this video.

Her secret? At home, everything is sorted, classified, stored in labeled boxes. A simple, effective and economical tip. Every space needs to be optimised. In the kitchen, she buys in bulk or discards all the packaging before storing: rice, pasta, cereals, cakes or spices in dedicated boxes.

In her closet, it's the same! Khloe recommends the multi hanger so you can store up to five pairs of pants at a time. An essential part of her closet that she also uses with T-shirts. If you follow these tips, you too will, at a glance, recognise where your clothes are. As for jewelry and glasses, she also places each accessory in a labeled box.

Finally, perfectly organised, she adds a photo of the accessory in question on each box to know, without opening, what it is.

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