The Kardashian Sisters Are Getting Into Makeup... For Your V

The Kardashian Sisters Are Getting Into Makeup... For Your V

Facial contouring is so last year... now the Kardashians are all about a different kind of contouring - that they've dubbed 'vontouring'. 

The Kardashians haven't done surprising us yet! The latest fad? Vaginal makeup.

Nicknamed 'Vontouring' by Khloe and Kim K, the concept is to make up your vagina with shading techniques, as used in facial contouring.

The Instagram queens were not about to miss an opportunity to get people talking. They have therefore taken the trouble to publish some photos that have got people's heads turning. On these posts, we can see Kim K stretched out having her crotch contoured by her dedicated makeup artist Mario Dedivanoc. Mario commented under one of these posts "You thought I only worked on the face?"

It seems that cosmetics for the privates are getting more and more followers. But on the health side, all these gadgets can be dangerous.

If you still want to give it a go, the brand The Perfect V, offers a special vagina beauty range. So, what do you think?

Check out the video above for more on Kim's new 'Vontouring' obsession! 

Image source: Getty Images 

Daisy Jones
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