Unearthed Interview Reveals Holly's TRUE Feelings About Marriage With Dan Baldwin

Whilst she is keeping busy with new projects and taking I'm A Celeb by storm, Holly Willoughby remains very private when it comes to discussing her relationship with husband and TV producer, Dan Baldwin. However, Holly opens up in a candid interview...

Busy hostess and model Holly Willoughby continues to take over British television as she joins co-host Dec Donnelly in another annual round of the Jungle, alongside other professional commitments.

The mum-of-three had also launched lifestyle brand Truly earlier this year, admitting she was very "passionate" about the project. However, she proved herself a family woman as she opens up in an earnest interview about life at home and relationship with Dan, not long after the couple had celebrated 11 years of marriage.

As the couple are going strong, Holly shared a heartfelt confession about her husband, highlighting how devastated she would be if the couple were to hit the rocks. With their romance first striking back in 2007 on the set of TV series, Ministry of Mayhem, Holly truly did not hesitate to give a glimpse of how much her husband means to her: "If my career ended tomorrow, I know I would be absolutely OK," she admits. "But if things went wrong between me and Dan it would be the end of my world."

Despite her frantic schedule, Holly puts family above all in her life, stressing importance on allowing time for her children Harry, nine, Belle, seven and Chester, three amongst her similarly busy husband's commitments: "You cannot have it all. Truly was something I was very passionate about, but my husband has a really high-pressured, busy job and I have three kids and other projects. My son Harry has really got into football and I want to be able to take him there so he can do what he loves," she explains on the subject of sacrificing her brand.

Indeed, Holly proves her commitment to her family, ensuring the lot have joined her throughout the entirety of her time in I'm A Celeb, currently in full swing, with hubby Dan flying back and forth to ensure he doesn't miss out. Even the hostess' parents have taken the trip to Oz. Holly is certainly adamant about her priorities, concluding "It’s not just about me having my dream and everyone fitting round it, it’s about putting family first and making that choice." However, she continues to support co-host Dec, ensuring to "look after" the show whilst modestly keeping up Ant McPartin's legacy.

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