Optical illusion: Which way is the horse turning? The question that will drive you crazy

It's an optical illusion that has driven more than one internet user crazy. A simple 3D horse that might give you a few cold sweats.

Posted at the beginning of January on YouTube, the video, which lasts only 25 seconds, has already been viewed more than 50,000 times, and the 40 or so comments are trying to solve the mystery: Which way is that horse turning?

A horse that turns too much

This is a new puzzle that will surely give you a hard time and a slight headache. On a black background, the shape of a horse seems to be turning on itself. At first, it looks as if the horse is turning to the right, but soon it seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Soon you are confused and think you are crazy.

Don't panic, you are not alone, YouTube video's top comment:

I don't see it turning completely in one direction or another. As far as my eyes can see, it turns one way, then the other, but never completely one way,

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And the horse turns to the...

This video seems to cause such confusion that some people have simply given up trying to find the answer themselves and have searched in vain in the comments to find it. Unfortunately, as some people explain, one would assume that this famous horse turns in both directions.

The chest up to the head turns to the right while the hindquarters turn to the left. The two parts of his body do not seem to be connected. But for the time being, the unknown creator of this illusion has not given any answer... A mystery. The horse, the horse, does not necessarily win you over.

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Will you be able to untangle this optical illusion that went viral? Will you be able to untangle this optical illusion that went viral?