Optical illusion: Only 1% of the population can solve it, are you one of them?

A TikTok user recently posted a video inviting his followers to solve a very complex optical illusion. According to him, only 1% of the population can solve it.

Do you think you're particularly good at solving an optical illusion in less time than normal? Then we suggest you try your hand at solving this newand particularly complex visual puzzle. This, however, is not just clickbait, according to the TikTok user, only 1% of the population can actually solve it. So, are you one of the elite? Let's take the test.

An unsolvable optical illusion

The viral platform TikTok user @hecticnick, who specializes in 'thought-provoking videos' such as optical illusions, brainteasers, and fun facts, posted this complicated new challenge. Here's the video he posted to his 3.9 million followers:


Can you read this on your first try? 🤔 #fyp#illusion#opticalillusion

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In the viral clip was viewed 3.6 million times you can see an image on a white background featuring black sticks and blocks lined up. The TikToker explains that there is actually a word hidden in this pattern and the viewers have to guess what the word is. Here is a slightly clearer view of this image:

Optical Illusion Hectic Nick

The hidden answer

He advises the viewers to ‘Try to close your eyes about 90% and you might be able to read it’. Despite his helpful efforts, many people still have not found the answer they were looking for. They frustratingly commented:

People can't really read this ???? It's a joke, isn't it?

Another user tries to explain

Look at it from a sideways angle and you can see it.

Although if you observe closely, two words appear when you concentrate long enough on the image: 'bad eyes'. Did you see it?

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