Most people can't spot the owl that hiding in this photography—can you?

You have to have extremely sharp eyes to catch the owl in this photograph.

Wildlife can be incredibly elusive at times. When an animal doesn't want to be found, it can often do a very good job of hiding in plain sight. This is especially true for owls who have talents for camouflaging and remaining remarkably still and patient.

Unexpected find

The pictures in the video above were taken by hobbyist photographer Varun Jain, 30, who was on safari in Pench National Park located in Central India.

Varun and a group of his friends were on the lookout for big catsin the area so that they could capture some surreal wildlife footage when they stumbled across a tree that, for one reason or another, looked a little bit off.

Speaking to The Sun Jain said:

It took us almost ten minutes to clearly understand that we are looking at an owl. It had completely blended in with nature, as if it was part of that tree bark.

According to Varun the owl would have remained unnoticed if it wasn't for a small movement it had made that caught his eye at just the right moment.

About owls

India is home to approximately 33 different species of owlsacross every conceivable habitat. Owls are cunning, highly intelligent birds that are considered fantastic predators. Their feathers are even specially designed for them to be able to fly through the air without making a sound.

Check out the photos above to test yourself and see if you can spot the hidden owl.

Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you? Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you?