Can you spot the hidden cub in this photo? Most have failed!

This majestic feline has a companion, can you see it?

We all love an enticing game of ‘find the hidden animal’ and while most were designed to be challenging, this optical illusion was clicked by chance—which makes it even more interesting.

If you think that this leopard is sitting on the tree all by its lonesome, you couldn't be more wrong. It's actually a mama leopard and its baby is very close by—you'll probably notice by the tail sticking out of the tree. If there's a tail, the cub must be close by but some people are finding it impossible to find. Let's see if you can find the little leopard that is hiding in this picture.

Twitter's going crazy

Ever since wildlife and nature photographer Mohan Thomas posted this photo on his Twitter, people have been going nuts about finding thebaby cub. Some were successful, and others are still trying to solve this beautiful riddle. A user tweeted:

First spotted the tail. Ultimately I was able to spot the face. What a camouflage!

While another was begging for some help from other users, they wrote:

Sorry I couldn't figure out. Shagun please help me locate it! Beautiful picture I must say...

Beauty of photography

While some were unable to locate the sneaky leopard cub, everyone collectively agreed that this photo is truly a masterpiece.

But for those of you who are hell bent on seeing the tiny cub, here's a zoomed in picture that might help you out:

Do you see it now?

Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you? Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you?