The Curly Is The Most Stunning Breed Of Horse You've Never Even Heard Of

  • Their curly coats makes them just as majestic as other horses.
  • We love it!
  • Do you like they curly fuzz?
  • What do you think of this horse?
  • ... almost 4000 euros.

There are the majestic Arabian thoroughbreds with their smooth and shiny coats and then there’s the Curly, the horse with naturally curly fur! This breed comes from the United States and its coat makes it super special.

Have you ever heard about the Curly? Aptly named Curly because of their curly coat, they hail from the United States. Picture a horse with the short fur of a llama!

Adorable frizz

This breed has their characteristic curly fur only in the winter months. With this adaptation they can easily stay warm during the cold. Come spring, they shed their curly coats and become as smooth haired as any other horse. But it is for their frizzy fur that we love them the most!

For a long time, the Curly were an unknown breed. Horse specialists have long thought that it was an animal genetically modified by many crosses. But their coats are naturally curly and that’s what makes them so special. 

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This horse is considered a nice and very hardy animal. They can withstand very cold temperatures down to -40 ° C. Easy to train, they are great companions for horse enthusiasts.

Beware, however, of a prejudgment that persists: this horse is not the only curly haired breed of horse! In Russia, one finds the Bashkir and the Transbaikal, horses whose coats is also curly. We must also count the Manipuri pony, native of India.

Admire this beautiful horse in our gallery below!

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