You can get a robot to clean your floors for less than £140

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a robot mop, now could be the time to do it, as there are several big offers on for Black Friday 2020. This nifty piece of tech can save you loads of time as it will mop and vacuum your floors all by itself at the click of a button.

Cleaning the floors might be one of our least favourite chores–so we were really excited to see that there are currently a whole bunch of Black Friday 2020 offers on robot mops. Whilst the premium robot mop models can cost in excess of £700, we’ve found deals for robot mops costing as little as £134.99.

Cheapest robot mop deals

The cheapest robot mops we’ve found are available on Amazon as part of their Black Friday 2020 event. You can currently buy the Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop for just £134.99, slashed from its usual Amazon price of £229.99, which is a 41% saving. This robot mop can be used for both hard floors and carpets and has both vacuum and mopping functions.

Meanwhile, the iRobot Braava Jet 240, which Amazon have ranked as ‘Best Overall’ Robot Mop is currently on sale at Electrical Discount UK for just £149.99, £100 less than Amazon is currently charging for the same model. This robot mop has a square shape which means it can reach every corner of your home.

Aldi Medion Robot Mop

If you’ve missed out on the Black Friday deals or just don’t fancy buying from Amazon, Aldi also have a reasonably-priced robot mop currently on sale online only for £159.99. The Medion Robot Mop is ideal for cleaning tiles and hard floors and can operate up to 70-80 minutes with 5 hours of charging time.

Pros and cons of robot mops

The pros of robot mops may seem pretty obvious–you can save yourself loads of time and effort by simply setting off your robot mop to clean your floors. However, it’s worth considering the cons too–some models can be noisy which may not be ideal if you’re working from home. You’ll also likely still have to do some cleaning for major spillages.

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