Upcycle Simple Plastic Spoons Into This Gorgeous Mirror

Upcycle Simple Plastic Spoons Into This Gorgeous Mirror

Do you still have plastic spoons for your summer picnics? Don't throw them away! Instead,use them to make a vintage style mirror. 

Want to give you a mirror a vintage touch? No need to spend a fortune. With a few plastic (or stainless steel) spoons, you can make one with your own hands. Here's how to do it.

What you need:

- 20 plastic teaspoons

- 20 plastic tablespoons

- Hot glue

- A round mirror

- A round cardboard base

- Gold spray paint

Steps to follow:

1 / Spray paint all plastic spoons with gold paint.

2 / Allow to dry.

3 / Using a glue gun, paste the plastic tablespoons around the cardboard base (spray paint if it is not already golden).

4 / Then glue the plastic teaspoons onto the tablespoons.

5 / Finally, with hot glue, stick the round mirror in the center.

6 / And that's it!

Price :

- Plastic spoons: recycled

- Gold spray paint: 4,76 £

- Round mirror: 2,50 £

- Cardboard shape: 1,40 £

Total: £ 8.66

Feel free to share your DIY creations on social networks with the hashtag #omhdiy! We will share the best ones.

Check out the video above for a full tutorial!

Ruby Smith
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