Top Tips To Cool Down Your Home In The Heatwave

As temperatures rise, we've got some top tips to share on how to keep your home cool and comfy.

Summer has well and truly arrived and the hot weather has too. And often, a simple fan is not enough to keep your room cool. Wet linen, plants, drafts ... we reveal 5 tips to lower the temperature of your home.

1. Close the shutters: In the middle of the day, when you are not at home, it is best to close your shutters, this will keep your home fresh.

2. Add plants: When the heat wave comes, add plants to your home. They are a source of humidity and also help clean the air.

3. Create draughts: Open windows and doors at night to create draughts. In addition, the temperatures drop at this time of the day and therefore the air becomes cooler.

4. Hang damp linen: To lower the temperature of a room, hang damp laundry - such as sheets - high up (on doors for example). You will immediately feel the difference.

5. Avoid electronic devices: The use of electronic devices generates heat and increases the temperature. So avoid using the oven.

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