This Woman Completely Transformed Her Old Bathroom On A Budget And The Results Are Stunning

This young interior designer wanted to prove that it is possible to transform an outdated bathroom without breaking the bank. Buying furniture second-hand, she succeeded in totally updating the room with a stylish and modern look. Watch and see the transformation for yourself!

Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a fortune with a company to redecorate an interior. There are simple and innovative tips that will allow you to give a room new life without spending too much.

Where to find ideas?

If you want to start a renovation project but you do not know where to start, you can check out Pinterest. You will find many images with inspiring interiors as well as DIY ideas to renovate a piece of furniture and tips for beginners.

Painting to rejuvenate the interior of your house

If you have a bathroom or a space with tiles but you do not like the colour, painting is the best solution. It allows you to give a new look to the room without having to buy tiles or install them. An economy of effort and money! Simply buy a tile painting. For furniture, it is not always necessary to sand and remove the varnish. There are paintings for furniture that do not require any effort. You just have to choose the colour, style and apply two or three layers of paint.

The art of recycling

To have furniture with character the best thing is to buy second hand furniture in street markets or boot sales for example. Much cheaper and original than the basic ranges that you'll find in branded stores. Did you know that IKEA is now buying back your furniture? Could be a good way to get rid of of unwanted furniture and make a few bucks all at the same time!

In the video you will see how a woman following these tips completely transforms her bathroom... The results are truly stunning!

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