This Is The Simple Way To Get Your Yellow Pillows Bright White Again

Thanks to one online genius, we have discovered the trick that promises to return our pillows to the crisp white condition they truly belong in!

One internet user has proudly shared the secret to returning our tried and stained pillows to the the pristine white that they were in when we first bought them.

Over the course of our lives, pillows tend to be one particular item in our homes we can sometimes neglect. Due to the general process of aging alongisde human perspiration, our pillows often become stained, leaving them with an unappealing colour or even scent.

However thanks to this step-by-step guide and genius recipe, you can tackle this problem using ingredients you probably already have at home. And more good news as this could even work for your clothes!

Check out the video to find out how!


1. Pillow

2. Hot water

3. Washing powder

4. Bleach


1. Make sure your pillow is machine washable.

2. Fill your machine one-third of the way with hot water and 1 cup of washing powder.

3. Add 1 cup of bleach, 1 cup of soda crystals, and set your machine to the highest temperature cycle.

4. Let it run for a few minutes to allow all of the ingredients to mix.

5. Carefully open the machine and add your two pillows. We’d recommend choosing the Rinse + cycle so that the machine gives your pillows a second rinse.

6. Leave your pillows to dry in the sun or in a tumble dryer.

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