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She Transformed This £5 Pallet Into A £150 Piece Of Furniture For Barely Anything

This young woman started with a simple palette and turned it into a beautiful coffee table. Check it out, it's quite simple…

This young woman transformed a pallet that cost £5 into a real piece of furniture, worth £150! In the video, the young woman shows us how to transform a palette into a coffee table.

For this you will need a pallet, which you can often find left out in the street. To give it a new lease on life, buy some sandpaper to sand it. You can then apply paint and varnish to maintain the colour and protect it.

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You will also need an electric saw, nails, a drill and 4 wheels if you want to turn it into a coffee table that rolls.

The advantage of cutting off one end of the pallet is that you can slide in small storage boxes, as you can see in the video.

Pallets can be jewels that just need to be transformed. You can make shelves, a bookcase, or garden furniture such as a bench.

Now it's up to you! Check out the video above to see exactly how it's done!

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