Scientist reveal how often you should be washing your sheets

How often you should be washing your bedsheets is a question that everyone has a different opinion about. One week, two weeks, a month… Well here is the answer!

According to scientists, bedding absorbs enormous amounts of bacteria. When we sleep, we sweat and lose dead skin. And as a result, bacteria gathers, and your sheets become a real ‘petri dish’. Therefore, you should be changing your sheetsquite regularly if you want to avoid getting sick.

So how often should you be changing your sheets?

The answer is once a week! Yes, we know, that’s quite a lot and it requires a lot of work but if you want to sleep in a clean bed… You know what you have to do!

We’re not going to lie, changing yoursheets is one of those chores that very few people like to do. Even if some people use the amazing technique for changing your duvet cover in under a minute.

You should also remember towash your pillows and duvet. Although you don’t need to wash these as often as your bedding, you should be doing your pillows every three months or so. As for your duvet, however, once every season is enough.

Who should be washing their sheets more?

Realistically, not every one is going to take this advice seriously. But, some people do need to be more diligent than others because well, some people are just more sensitive than others. Here are a few factors you should consider, in order to evaluate how often you should wash your bedding:

  • Do you sweat excessively during the night? You definitely need to change your sheets more frequently to prevent bacterial buildup. More than once a week is probably best for you.
  • Are you allergic to dust, or asthmatic? Then, your sheets should definitely be changed weekly.
  • Can't sleep without your furry pet? Don't kick them out of the bed, just switch up your bedding and everything should be fine!
  • Love to sleep naked? Get those sheets washed!

Now you you know everything to getting a good night's sleep.

This is how often you should wash your duvet This is how often you should wash your duvet