Coronavirus: you have to clean these objects you touch every day!

Admit it, there's a lot of stuff you touch daily that you never clean, or only clean once a year. Since we're all in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and want to be sure that our homes are spotless, here's a list of items you need to wash immediately!

Cleaning often feels like more of a chore than something we do for fun, and a lot of the time, we're satisfied with just doing the bare minimum. For example, vacuuming, cleaning windows, sweeping, dusting furniture, washing sheets...

However, there are many objects that we use every day that we often forget to clean, sometimes for years. As the coronavirus is spreading around the world and new infections and deaths are on the rise, we should all take note of the objects and surfaces we often forget to clean.

How do you clean them?

The most effective way to clean all of these items is to put them in a container filled with boiling water. Hot water will disinfect objects. You can also pour a little baking soda into the water. This is very effective in cleaning objects.

Finally, for small everyday objects like keys, phones, computers or handles, we advise you to clean them with 70° rubbing alcohol or hydroalcoholic gel. Here's everything you need to clean:

  • Phone screens

We all know that phone screens are covered in germs. Even worse, according to a recent study by the University of Manchester, our smartphones have three times more bacteria on them than a toilet bowl. So, remember to clean them once a week with a special spray for screens.

  • Remote controls

When we're stuck at home, we very often use our TV remote controls. It is therefore recommended to clean them every day during this pandemic. Otherwise, you can clean them once a week. How? With 70° alcohol and a clean cloth.

  • Keys

After every use, remember to clean your keys with household alcohol. This will disinfect them and prevent the spread of bacteria.

  • Intercoms

You have friends over, thoughtlessly open the door for them after taking the metro, having a drink or even snacking on chips. So, the intercom will tend to turn yellow or blacken and accumulate bacteria. A clean cloth soaked in white vinegar will suffice to remove it all.

  • Door handles

We use them every day and yet we never wash them, but it's easy to do! Spray a little white vinegar on the handles and voila! Ditto for your car keys.

  • Car steering wheels

As for cars, besides vacuum cleaning and washing your windows, you should also consider cleaning your steering wheel! A little all-surface cleaner will do the trick! Remember to repeat this once a month.

  • Computer keyboards

It's important to clean your computer keyboard after every use. On a clean cloth, pour a few drops of anti-bacterial gel or white vinegar and rub. That's it!

  • Ice cube trays

We often use them to refresh our drinks in the summer, yet we never think of cleaning them. It's very simple; a dab of dishwashing liquid will suffice.

Coronavirus: This is how to properly disinfect your home Coronavirus: This is how to properly disinfect your home