Aldi is selling a back massage collection for under £100!

Working from home can be an uncomfortable situation and no doubt the muscles in your neck and back are already showing signs of stress. Luckily, Aldi has some to the rescue and are selling full-sized back massagers for under £100!

Whether you spend half the day horizontal watching Netflix with you neck crooked or working from home at a desk that with a lack of ergonomic perfection, Aldi has sorted out a great solution for all of us, massagers… No, not that kind.

Aldi has recently added two full-sized back massagers to their online exclusives, a Salter Pro Back Massager and the Back Massage Cushion. Both cost just £99.99 but the Salter Pro Back Massager is where you should be spending your money. The massager boasts a three area target to ensure that your upper, total and lower back are all covered.

Three seems to be the magic number for the Salter Pro Back Massager as it also has three intensity functions depending on just how much relaxation you need. The massageralso comes with a heating function and remote control with a handy storage pocket so you don’t lose it during your state of bliss.

The Back Massage Cushion is also set to deliver a strong sports massage and for exactly the same price. Aldi claims that this massage cushion has been clinically tested and contains 2x2 nodules for the perfect kneading, deep tissue massage for your back and shoulders. This massage cushion also comes with a remote and a heating function, so whichever you choose, you just can’t lose!

However, if £99.99 is still a little bit steep then don’t stress about it oo much as Aldi is selling a whole range of massage devices including a handheld massager, a neck massager and a massage cushion.

The Salter Handheld massager is just £29.99 and is great for targeting specific spots. If you stretched a little too far during your at-home yoga session then this massager is the way to go. Also, not only is this massager portable and easy to use, but it also sports two nodes and adjustable speeds.

The Salter Neck Massager is a little more expensive at £34.99 but it’s a little more luxurious. This massager is basically a heated wrap that offers a deep massage and three varying speeds. So, if looking at screens all day has put your neck out then this massager is perfect. You can even use it while you work!

The Salter Massage Cushion is the same price as the neck massager and it has a lot of the same functions but this one you can pop behind you back and lean on to get a great Shiatsu style massage… Just try not to fall asleep.

These massagers are all exclusive to Aldi’s online store but don’t expect them to last long, make sure you get in quick to ensure total relaxation for the rest of your stressful year.

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