Aldi are selling this winter essential for less than £30

Aldi’s Weighted Blanket will be available from the supermarket later this month for just £29.99 as part of their Winter Special Buys range. Weighted blankets can be used to reduce anxiety and stress and help you get a better night’s sleep through pressure therapy.

With the global coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and many of us have been feeling more stressed and anxious than usual. So we’re really excited about Aldi’s Weighted Blanket which will be available later this month.

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets use something called Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) to raise serotonin levels–thus having a calming effect on the user. They can be helpful to people with ADHD, autism or PTSD as well as those suffering fromanxiety or depression. Many people say lying under a weighted blanket feels like being hugged.

Aldi says:

Shown to help reduce insomnia and have a relaxing and calming effect, Aldi’s new soothing Weighted Blanket (£29.99) is a must-have gift that friends and family will love. These on-trend comforting blankets are weighted to apply pressure which is designed to help reduce stress and anxiety.

When is Aldi’s Weighted Blanket available?

You’ll be able to pre-order Aldi’s Weighted Blanket online from 15th November and the product will also be available in stores from 19th November. As with all Special Buys, we’d recommend getting in quickly if you’re hoping to get your hands on one, especially since at £29.99, Aldi’s Weighted Blanket is a lot cheaper than most on the market.

If the weighted blanket isn’t for you but you still fancy a new way of relaxing at home, Aldi also have a new Shiatsu Neck Massager coming to their Special Buys at the end of November. Costing just £22.99, the simulated hand kneading massager will be available for pre order from 29th November.

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