101-year-old ex-Nazi guard found guilty of being an accessory in over 3,500 murders

An ex-Nazi guard, who was a part of the SS team during the Holocaust was charged with being an accessory to the murders of more than 3,500 prisoners.

Even after 75 years of liberation, the events of the Holocaust leave a bitter taste in many mouths. There are many, who still, to this day, are haunted by those dark times. Although it's common to hear the story of a survivor, recently, a former SS guard has come to light. The ex-nazi guard has been accused of participating in the cruel treatment and murder of more than 3,500 prisoners.

Former SS soldier convicted

A 101-year-old ex-nazi concentration camp guard was recently convicted by the German court. As reported by The Guardian, the former guard was handed a five-year prison sentence, making him the oldest person to go on trial for being an accessory to war crimes during the Holocaust.

The guard, named Josef Schütz, was found guilty of working as a guard during 1942-1945 in Oranienburg, north of Berlin. However, Josef said in his defence that he had no knowledge of the atrocities happening around him and he did ‘absolutely nothing’

He might not go to jail

As per The New York Post, his lawyer has stated that if the court goes through with his sentence then he would appeal the hearing. This, however, would require the lawyer to present medical evidence of Josef being not fit enough to endure the sentence.

Although the victims and perpetrators of the Holocaust have been dying out due to old age, it is essential to hold perpetrators accountable. Germany’s highest criminal court is in full support as one of the rulings states that:

People who worked as guards in concentration camps could be convicted, even if no specific crimes against them could be proven.

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