What does the colour of your nail say about your health?

Your nails can say a lot about your overall health and the colour of your fingernail might even point out severe health issues.

There may not be a nail polish colour that’s perfect for you, but there sure is an ideal way your nails should look like. Healthy toenails and fingernails should be pinkish in hue on the nail plate and white as they emerge from the nail bed. Meanwhile, anything else can be a sign of deficiency or diseases that you may or may not know about. According to a report published by Disabled World and WebMD, this is what the colour of your fingernails says about you.


Pale nails often signify severe health conditions like anaemia, congestive heart failure, aiver disease and malnutrition.


The presence of hepatitis might be indicated by predominantly white nails with darker rims, whereas a lack of protein can be denoted by white lines running across the nail beds.

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It’s more common than you think to have black fingernails colour. Primarily black fingernail colour signifies anaemia, B-12 deficiency, chronic kidney disease, trauma, and cancer or melanomas.


A fungal infection is one of the most typical causes of yellow nails. Yellow nails may occasionally indicate more severe ailments such as problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorder, diabetes, liver problem, thyroid or psoriasis.


It’s not the pretty kind! Red nails signify possible brain haemorrhage, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, stroke or carbon monoxide poisoning.


A lack of oxygen in the body may be indicated by bluish nails. Bluish nails can also be due to circulatory problems or congenital problems along with being indicative of severe lung and heart conditions in some cases.

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If your nails are somewhat green in colour it could indicate allergies to cleaning agents, bacterial infection like Bacillus infection, fungal infection or emphysema.

Spots under nails

White spots under nails are a sign of iron or zinc deficiency whereas brown spots under the nails could either be psoriasis or a deficiency of protein and vitamin C.

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