We Finally Know Why Men Complain More Than Women When They’re Sick

In the collective imagination, men tend to complain a lot more than women when they’re sick. And there could actually be an explanation for it.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed it, even when they just have a common cold, the flu or food poisoning, men tend to complain a lot more than women. Are they just messing with us? Are they more sensitive to pain? But it seems there is a completely different explanation for this.

Researchers have been looking into the immune cells belonging to mice and they discovered that males are a have a weaker immune system than women. The results show that after being exposed to bacteria, the males showed more symptoms, had a higher fever and also took longer to recover than females.

These conclusions were recently published in the journal Brain Behaviour and Immunity and have been picked up by further publications since then.

Many hypotheses to explain this difference

Although these results can’t completely be applied to humans, they do nevertheless provide a plausible explanation. And yet, there is another question that arises from this: why do men have weaker immune systems than women?

Lots of hypotheses have already been established. One study, led by Cambridge University for example, claims that since men are more prone to taking risks and putting themselves in riskier situations in comparison to women, their immune systems have been weakened as they evolved. Other theories suggest the opposite, that women are built with a stronger immune system since they are more susceptible and likely to transmit viruses and microbes to their children.

So, who is the real weakest sex?

Check out the video above for more on this study!

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