Vaginal health: Simple steps to keeping your vagina happy

From celebrities to bloggers, everyone has been talking about vaginas and more women have been embracing them. Let’s look at the advice of a doctor on how to keep them happy!

Embracing your vaginas is one thing, but how we treat them is more important. They are pretty delicate organs and with you even realising it, you may be harming them. Many of our everyday activities hurt our vaginas. As such, NHS GP Dr Omon Imohi, took over her TikTok and shared a few tips on how to keep our vaginas happy.

Research conducted by YouGov showed that half of the women in Britain failed to identify or even describe where the vagina is. While that is not only telling of the failings of our education, it is also dangerous to lack such knowledge about one of the most vital organs of our body.

Here’s how you keep it happy

Ladies, you should be cautious when it comes to looking after your vagina. To familiarise women with their vaginas, Dr. Imohi shared a video with her 31.9k TikTok followers. In her video, she has made a list of things women can do to keep their vaginas happy! According to her, here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Start using lube
  • Douching is a no-no
  • Always use condoms with a new partner
  • Sex is like wiping—always go from front to back
  • Cotton undies are for the win, or go commando
  • Smear tests are as important as eating a vagina-friendly diet
  • PEE AFTER SEX: the golden rule that cannot be missed
  • Use unscented products to wash your undies and vaginas
  • Kegel exercises are your holy grail

With these steps, she urges women to consciously start taking care of their vaginas, as happy vaginas effectively mean a happier you.

Vagina friendly diet

Everything that we eat can even have an effect on our vaginas. Diet affects everything from our menstrual cycle to our mood. Therefore, Dr. Imohi talks about eating a vagina-friendly diet in her video to ensure everything runs smoothly down there. As such, incorporate more cranberries into your diet as they help tackle UTI infections. Sweet potatoes work great for fertility, and probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria.

Further, an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but is also great for orgasm, ladies! Add leafy green vegetables to your diet to decrease vaginal dryness and plant fats to increase your sex drive and better circulation. While a healthy diet is necessary to indulge yourself in Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises involve repeatedly contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles and enhancing overall vagina strength.

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