This Woman Hasn't Eaten Sugar For 28 Years - You Won't Believe How Old She Really Is

28 years ago, Carolyn Hartz decided to give up sugar. The nutrition and wellness expert recently shared her tips with the Daily Mail on how to feel good about your body and your life after the age of 50.

Carolyn Hartz lives in Perth, Australia, is a mother of three, has an incredible figure, and created the Sweetlife website, which provides valuable nutrition and wellness tips.

‘Many women aged 50 and over think it's not possible to maintain their figure and weight,’ Carolyn Hartz told the Daily Mail, and she is determined to prove the opposite by providing several tips.

Have a positive state of mind

At the age of 70, Carolyn Hartz says:

I am optimistic and I have learned to stay positive even when I am facing challenges; I trained myself to remember that the glass is always half full.

She says that your state of mind is just as important as your eating habits.

Reducing sugar without depriving oneself

As for sugar, Carolyn Hartz turned her back on it. She says it is a major contributor towards the risk of obesity in Australia and around the world. This decision to stop sugar 28 years ago is, according to her, one of the most important factors when it comes to her current figure.

Carolyn Hartz does not advise replicating this radical decision because it is important not to ‘deprive yourself,’ but she once again asserts that it is important to keep an eye on the size of the portions that are being consumed.

Sleep is fundamental

Carolyn Hartz tries to keep her sleep schedule at an average of eight hours a night. She believes this is important for staying healthy. She also practices meditation daily and says the results are incredible. ‘I am much more calm and intuitive since I started meditation,’ says the expert.

She also stays physically active while enjoying nature and walks her dog every day for 30 minutes.

Never compare yourself to others

‘We all have our own personality traits,’ says Carolyn Hartz, believing that comparing yourself to others and sometimes feeling inferior is not a solution. ‘Be happy for your friends’ achievements, and work together,’ says the specialist.

Convinced that everyone is able to achieve personal success, Carolyn Hartz is proof that physical fitness is best achieved through a positive philosophy on life that can only improve one’s self-confidence…

Even Doctors Couldn't Believe How Old This Woman Really Is Even Doctors Couldn't Believe How Old This Woman Really Is