This Trick Means Two Tennis Balls Could Cure Your Aches And Pains

This Trick Means Two Tennis Balls Could Cure Your Aches And Pains

We spend too much time a day sitting down whether it's at the office, on the train, or at home. Too much sitting down can led to minor or mild lower back pain. Today it's becoming one of the most common health problems in the UK. Watch our video to learn some simple exercises that can alleviate pain in almost every part of your body.

Two tennis balls could be a miracle cure for your aches and pains, no matter where they are on your body.

The back

Lie on your back, placing two tennis balls below the middle of your back. The balls must lie to the left of the spine. Breathe deeply 5 times in and out and then set the balls further down until you reach your pelvis.

The neck

Relax your neck by placing a ball just below the skull bone. Keep your legs stretched and stretch then relax your toes. Breathe deeply in and out 10 times!

The hips

To relieve hip pain, lay on your side and put the tennis ball under the waist. Then circle 12 times into the one and then in the other direction!

The shoulders

Lie on your back with angled legs and position the ball between the spine and shoulder blade. Slowly let your extended arm circle over your body, head and floor beside you. Pay particular attention to finding a pleasant pressure.

The legs

Sit on the ground or a chair, angle the knee and place the ball below the knee. Now compress the ball with calf and thigh, count to 10 and then release the pressure. Repeat the process 10 times then switch legs!

The feet

Put the ball on the ground and roll over it. Roll a total of a half to a whole minute with the ball, using the arch and the heel of your foot as well as the inside.

The hands

Kneel down on the ground and support yourself with a flat hand on a tennis ball. Put your other hand on the back of your hand and apply pressure to the ball by shifting all your weight onto it. Hold this position for a minute while breathing deeply. Then, in this position, roll over the ball with the palm for two to three minutes without giving up the pressure.

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Make sure to watch the video above for a demonstration of how to do these exercises correctly. 

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