This natural cream is being recalled over strong steroid use

A cure cream labelled 'natural' has been recalled by the government due to the presence of unlisted steroids in it.

After the product was discovered to contain a potentially hazardous steroid, the government requested a manufacturer recall for 'Dermaved sensitive cream.' Clobetasol propionate was found in the cream during analysis by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This is an active element in prescription-only drug that can be harmful if not used under medical supervision.

The steroid is especially harmful to young children and as such, a recall was necessary. Anyone who has purchased the cream should stop using it and return it. People are also advised to report any stores that continue to sell it.

Look for side effects

While certain steroid creams are sold in pharmacies, they must be approved by the MHRA and come with explicit directions for usage. The use of such creams containing powerful steroids should be per a healthcare professional's recommendations. This includes instruction on where, how often, and for how long they should be used. MHRA’s Chief Quality and Access Officer, Dr Laura Squire said,

Selling creams directly to the public that contain strong steroids is illegal as they can be dangerous if used without medical supervision.
Steroids can infrequently suppress the skin’s response to infection, cause long-term thinning of the skin, and if applied long-term over a wide area, particularly in babies and children, can cause other medical problems.
If you have had any side effects from using this cream or after stopping using it, please talk to a doctor or pharmacist.

People who have had side effects as a result of taking these medications are advised to report them via the Yellow Card Scheme. The MHRA created the yellow card scheme to allow users to report side effects from pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and alternative therapies.

Natural is not all safe

This information is complemented with data from clinical trials and medical literature to provide the government with a complete picture of the current health hazards posed by these items. Clobetasol propionate has been found in many products over the years, which the MHRA has recalled. As such, they have advised people to be careful and not fall for products labelled ‘natural’ as they may not be entirely safe.

To ensure safety and proper manufacturing practises, a Marketing Authorisation (MA), Product Licence (PL), or Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) number is assigned to a product that has been evaluated by the MHRA. Many herbal remedies containing powerful steroids have been discovered over the years, promising to cure eczema. This could result in a temporary reduction in symptoms, followed by a more severe flare-up. Dermaved was also sold as an Ayurvedic product, which refers to an Indian school of traditional medicine.

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