This is why you shouldn’t be kissing babies

A mum is warning people against kissing babies after her daughter caught an STI that sent them to the A&E twice.

Babies are so adorable and squishy that most of us can’t help to squeeze them tight and plant warm kisses all over their chubby little faces. But, a mother is cautioning against doing that after she had to send her daughter to the A&E twice following a viral infection she caught.

Cold Sores

The concerned parent told of how her baby girl broke out in ghastly gum sores after being infected with herpes. Sharing her story with a paramedic page on Instagram called Tiny Hearts, the woman said she had no idea how her baby contracted the virus.

We haven’t been around anyone with an ‘active’ cold sore. But let’s be honest, babies put anything in their mouths. I cannot express enough the importance of good hygiene for those who suffer from cold sores, and to be particularly mindful when you are around little ones.

The baby was in so much pain and discomfort that she had to be sent to the A&E twice, where doctors say the viral infection should run its course in a couple of weeks. She lamented:

It’s now been over a week since my baby has let solid food touch her lips. All my baby wants to do is suck her thumb and she can’t even do that. Literally there’s nothing I can do to take her pain away. No baby or mum should ever have to endure this.

‘Don’t Kiss My Baby’

The cold sore or herpes virus is especially dangerous for newborn babies and those below the age of six months. It can be easily transmitted to babies and toddlers through close contact such as a kiss and could be fatal in worst case scenarios.

Nikki, the paramedic who runs the Tiny Hearts Instagram page said, parents ought to be more assertive in limiting access to their babies.

I’ve spoken about the importance of normalizing the sentence ‘don’t kiss my baby’ and although it’s unknown where little Ari picked up the virus, this is your reminder that protecting your little one with some simple rules will hopefully avoid this nightmare, and many other contagious viruses.
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