This is why you should never sleep in your underwear

Do you prefer sleeping in underwear or not? This question is worth thinking about, especially since it concerns your health.

How do you sleep at night? Fully dressed, or in the simplest of clothing? According to the scientific community, this topic is actually quite important. We all know we should remove our makeup at night to allow the skin to breath, so why not let the rest of the skin on our bodies breathe as well?

An ideal breeding ground for bacteria

According to Dr Alyssa Dweck, if your downstairs area is constantly covered, especially by a material that isn’t very absorbent, in the long run there is a lack of air, plus humidity can create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria can then start to irritate you and cause fungal severe skin infections. Underwear can also allow germs from the intestine, traveling via the anus or bladder, to reach the private parts and then cause a urinary tract infection.

Pyjamas to the rescue

Although this problem mainly affects women, men are far from exempt. According to Dr Dweck, going to bed in briefs or boxers could make thequality of your sperm deteriorate after a while.

However, if you really don’t like sleeping naked, there is an alternative. Dr Dweck suggests sleeping without underwear on, but in pyjamas made from a material with a high concentration of cotton. This can help to avoid fabric rubbing against the genital region and causing skin irritation.

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