This is why crying whilst watching films is actually a sign of strength

If you’re the type to cry during films, you may be somewhat embarrassed to talk about it. Yet, this is not only a sign of empathy, but one of great strength. We explain why.

This Is Why Crying Whilst Watching Films Is Actually a Sign Of Strength
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No, crying during a movie isn’t a sign of weakness—just the opposite. According to research, 9 out of 10 people cry before a drama. Who can boast about never having cried during The Lion King, Bambi, or PS I Love You? Nobody, that’s who.

Fiction makes us more empathetic

By allowing us to identify with a character, fiction amplifies our empathy. Thus, we can easily understand another person’s situation, which helps us to see outside of our own individual lives and learn how to better understand others.

Oxytocin, the miracle molecule

Watching an emotionally moving film releases oxytocin in our bodies. Oxytocin is a molecule that makes us more sensitive to and attuned to our environments, making us more apt to go forward and help others.

You may have heard before that ‘a good cry will make it better.’ Tears help release stress and relieve pain. Empathy, a good mood, relief… proof that crying is a true sign of strength! So, no shame (especially you men)—cry during a film, it’s totally normal.