This Is The Best Way To Treat Mosquito Bites

With the arrival of summer comes, unfortunately, the arrival of mosquitoes. The occasional bite is both frustrating and unavoidable. Here are a few easy solutions to take care of them!

At nightfall, you hear it: the buzz that keeps you awake all night, driving you half-crazy. You hide beneath the covers, but it's too late: the next day, an itchy red bump appears on your arm. How do you take care of a bite before it becomes completely unbearable?

First you wash the bite with soap and water, and then you apply a hot cloth onto the bump (adding ice to make a cold compress instead works equally well). Got some baking soda in your cupboard? So much the better! Mix three tablespoons of baking soda in 100ml of water, use this solution to wet a small cloth, and apply.

Natural solutions for itch-relief

On the all-natural side, try out plantain leaf. This plant is rather common and easy to get. You can knead the leaves between your hands and apply to the juice to the bump. Eucalyptus and cloveessential oils are also all-natural allies.


Your pharmacist can also give you special corticosteroid-based creams to help relieve a nasty itch. These sorts of ointment help reduce inflammation and swelling as well as irritation. And the best way to protect yourself from mosquitoes? According to a very serious study…listening to Skrillex might help!

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