These 4 Drugs Can Be Extremely Dangerous For Our Kidneys

These 4 Drugs Can Be Extremely Dangerous For Our Kidneys

We take a lot of medication to get better, but some may cause a higher risk of kidney damage or kidney failure.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

These drugs include molecules like ibuprofen, aceclofenac, and naproxen, which can cause functional kidney failure. They are also toxic, especially if hydration is low.

This is particularly true for the elderly, as they tend to be less thirsty and their muscle mass is lower. Indeed, their renal function is often overestimated.

Therefore, self-medication should be avoided as these drugs cause 7% of acute renal failure.


Sometimes, diuretics are essential and are used for weight loss. However, they can be very dangerous. In fact, they remove water and salt from the body, but they dangerously reduce the level of potassium in the blood. This can lead to lesions, leading to chronic renal failure.

Antibiotics and antivirals

You should be careful with aminoglycosides, drugs used to treat serious urinary tract infections, as they can have side effects. They are mainly administered in hospitals, intravenously, which limits risks. In fact, doctors are aware of the side effects of these drugs...

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Some anticancer drugs may have adverse effects on the kidneys, particularly platinum, methotrexate and gemcitabine derivatives. Again, the risks are under the control of the physician, who can compensate for these negative effects by hydrating the patient.

Be careful!

Unfortunately, kidney failure is common and particularly affects people with diabetes or over 65 years of age. Diet also has an influence, especially a high protein diet. We must pay attention to the medicine we take and check that their composition is controlled. Above all, you should always consult your doctor when it comes to medical advice.

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