The thonon diet may help you lose 10kg in just 2 weeks, but at what cost?

The Thonon diet is like a little miracle because it’s supposed to help you lose 10kg in just 14 days. But what does this diet do to our bodies that the creators are hiding from us?

Whenever someone wants a quick, perfect bikini figure, they often go to drastic diets to get them. A healthy diet change coupled with exercise would be a lot healthier, but teens, in particular, are wasting away more and more because of this diet madness, crazy!

The perfect bikini figure in 14 days

If you want to lose those pounds gained in lockdown you could always go on a diet. For example, the Thonon diet, which promises to help you lose 10kg in just 14 days.

An RTL Reporter from Fit for Fun decided to give it a try. She followed the diet’s strict rules for two weeks and by the end of it, she was 5kg lighter and happy because she looked good in her bikini. But was it really worth it?

Effects on the body

The question is, how happy was the reporter’s body after following this strictdiet? Not very happy at all! On the Thonon diet, carbohydrates are strictly forbidden, with just proteins and vegetables allowed on the menu.

But that’s not all! You’re only allowed to eat between 600 to 800 calories a day. For normal diets, that’s just breakfast! That means that while you’re on this diet, you are always hungry.

Muscle breakdown

The problem is that the body has so little energy, so it uses up calories in the muscles. That means instead of burning fat, you lose muscle mass instead which isn’t really the point of losing weight…

The worst part is that you don’t even have enough energy to exercise. You really don’t have a lot of energy and the yo-yo effect is inevitable. You should go on a healthy diet instead which incorporates exercise because although it might take longer, it is a lot healthier!

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