The surprising benefits of masturbation during the pandemic

Researchers have pointed out that enjoying some ‘alone time’ can actually be very useful for strengthening the body’s natural immune defences.

Sexual arousal and orgasms increase the levels of white blood cells in the body and these white blood cells can help us fight infections.

Masturbate to fight infections

A British doctor named Jennifer Landam was recently interviewed by The Sun, during which she encouraged masturbation, stating that this practice strengthens our natural barriers and that it would be a shame to go without, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic.

However, make no mistake, sticking to and complying with social distancing and other safety measures set out by the government will always be the best way to avoid catching COVID-19.

Researchers from the University of Essen in Germany have also confirmed what Dr Jennifer Landam said and they even carried out a study during which they examined several cases. Volunteers who took part were asked to masturbate and the study's results show that this solitary pleasure can indeed be useful for increasing white blood cell levels in the body.

The positive impact of sexual arousal

Gynaecologist Sarah Welsh explained the Metro:

Orgasms, whether through sexual intercourse or masturbation, causes an increase in the levels of adrenaline and other immune cells within the bloodstream, indicating the positive impact sexual arousal can have on the immune system.

Of course, the benefits associated with orgasms go beyond merely increasing the number of white blood cells in your blood. Having an orgasm is a good way to destress and can also help you sleep easier.

When you orgasm, your body releases an endorphin called oxytocin and a hormone called prolactin, both of which contribute to your general well-being.

Check out the video above for more info!

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