The Horrific Thing That Happens If Your Crack Your Neck

Cracking your neck could seem like a harmless thing to do, but it can have very serious consequences...

Cracking your neck is not only a bad habit but something which could cost you dearly. One American has just paid the price. Aged 28 years old, he had a stroke after simply cracking his neck, as he told local channel KOCO-TV, the quotes of which were printed by the Huffington Post (watch the video above).

“As soon as I heard the cracking noise, everything started to go numb on the left side of my body.”, described the victim. He was fortunate enough to be saved in time but still feels the after-effects of the stroke

Serious consequences

Even though this type of thing rarely happens, cracking your neck is far from harmless. This habit can lead to a rupture in the walls of the blood vessels which take blood to your brain, as doctor Robert Glatter explains in Live Science. Then, if a blood clot forms on the inside of this small injury, and if it “becomes loose”, it can block “blood flow to the brain”, leading to a stroke, explained the American doctor.

“There’s no right way to crack your neck”, said the specialist. It’s probably best to stop completely.

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