Tips For The Third Trimester

You are six months pregnant? Ohmymag gives you all the tips you need to calmly tackle the last trimester.

Tips For The Third Trimester
Tips For The Third Trimester

Six Months Pregnant

1. Baby's position: You have probably already had the second trimester ultrasound: usually, it is about 21-23 weeks (weeks of amenorrhea). Do not worry about the position of baby at this stage: at 6 months of pregnancy, they can still move about a lot. Sometimes they puts themself in such positions that it is not even possible yet to determine their sex exactly.

On the ultrasound, baby can be 'upside down', as if already preparing for childbirth, then change position an hour later. It's a safe bet that they'll probably change position several times again before the big day.

In short, do not worry: at six months of pregnancy, the position of baby does not foreshadow a premature delivery or breech delivery. You will learn more at the 3rd trimester ultrasound.

2. Prevent third trimester back pain: At six months of pregnancy, you can already put in place measures to prevent back pain. The latter is common in the last trimester, with baby weighing more and more.

First thing to do: choose a sport adapted to your pregnancy. Many mums-to-be opt for swimming: this 'soft' sport helps strengthen the back muscles and prevent lower back pain.

Another thing to do is to watch your weight gain. While it is quite natural to gain some weight during pregnancy, it is better to avoid excesses! In parallel of a soft sport, you can take some dietary measures: avoid overly fatty dishes, such as fried food, and too much sugary food such as cakes. Opt for cooking without added fat, for example, by steaming, opt for white meat over red meat, etc.

3. Take care of yourself: These six months of pregnancy have certainly not been easy, especially if you work. Now more than ever, it is time to relax! You can already consider 'relaxation' activities to be practiced during the third trimester, like prenatal yoga classes for example.

It is also during the third trimester that maternity leave usually begins: use this time to rest. Do not hesitate to take naps, for example, or to relax in a good hot bath. You will also of course have the last pregnancy monitoring exams to attend - the last three prenatal visits, consultation of anesthesia and the third trimester ultrasound.

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