She Lost 10 Kilos In Just 3 Months By Following This Simple Diet

She Lost 10 Kilos In Just 3 Months By Following This Simple Diet

This woman managed to lose ten kilos of weight in just three months without following any strange diet that could be dangerous for your health, but instead by introducing small changes that resulted in a big change.

Tired of not feeling comfortable with herself, this Reddit user decided to start a healthy diet and managed to lose 13 kilos in just three months.

There is an infinity of ridiculous diets on the internet on how to lose weight and very often, the only thing they do is put your health at risk and cause a terrible rebound effect that makes you instantly regain all the weight that you lost.

DaxieJ, a user on Reddit, recently shared the results of her experience on the CICO diet, which is a healthy diet plan with a calorie-counting aspect that ensures the minimal nutritional requirements are met.

By eating leaner meats, lots of vegetables and fibre, this woman managed to spectacularly transform her body and managed to get down to 62 kilos (9.7 stone) from her starting weight of 75 kilos (11.8 stone) in just a few months.

Daxie explained that she still allows her some foods that aren’t exactly healthy and that the key is to allow yourself these indulgences while still moderating portion sizes and frequency so that you don’t end up with those cravings that very often cause people to give up on their diets.

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However, remember to always consult a health professional before starting a weight-loss plan so that you have all the facts and can succeed in your diet without any kind of imbalances arising.

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