Probiotics-rich foods and why do we need them?

Have you heard about probiotics rich food? Not only do they taste good, but they can also provide multiple health benefits.

Probiotics are those living microorganisms or good bacteria that we consume through supplements or fermented foods. Generally, bacteria are viewed in a bad light, however, some good bacteria naturally live in our body and help keep your body healthy. They are known to provide all sorts of powerful benefits for your brain as well as the body.

Probiotics help to restore the natural balance of your gut when disrupted. There are various ways through which you can intake probiotics. Supplements are the most common source through which people consume them, but there is a lot of probiotic-rich food to include in your diet.

4 probiotic-rich foods


One of the best probiotics’ sources, it is most commonly available and popular. Yogurt helps in building muscles, bones and is super beneficial for people with high blood pressure. It comes from pasteurized milk which is fermented by friendly bacteria, namely, lactic acid.


It is a fermented probiotic milk drink made by adding kefir grains to goat’s or cow’s milk. Kefir grains are different from cereal grains, they are cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria and look oddly a lot like cauliflower. While yogurt is a good probiotics source, kefir is considered better due to several bacteria strains.

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Popularly known as the fermented black or green tea drink. Fermented by a colony of bacteria and yeast, it is a rich probiotic source. Go for low sugar, refrigerated kombucha for better results.


A lot of cheese is fermented, but not all of them are a good source of probiotics. Mostly soft cheeses made of unpasteurized milk are good probiotics rich, for example, cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella. Longer the cheese ages, the more beneficial it becomes.

Why do you need probiotics?

Probiotics are very beneficial. They are needed to maintain a balanced body and also help fight harmful bacteria in your body. Probiotics mainly:

  • Help in treating Diarrhoea and Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Support the treatment of mental health issues
  • Reduce raised cholesterol levels of your body
  • Manage high blood pressure
  • Balance bacteria in the digestive system
  • Reduce the severity of Eczema and some allergies
  • Boost your immune system
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